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1st movement from Vivaldi‘s Concerto for viola d’amore and guitar in D minor
Christoph Graupner - Concerto for viola d'amore and flute
Christoph Graupner - Concerto in A major for viola d'amore and viola
Christoph Graupner - Concerto in D major for viola d'amore and viola
Jerzy Dobrzanski (aka Polish Anonymous) - Concerto for viola d'amore (in the baroque style)
Trailer to full-length film "Christoph Graupner - viola d'amore & more"
Graupner plaque unveiling in Darmstadt - speech by the Lord Mayor Jochen Partsch (in German).
J.S.Bach Concerto no.1 in D Minor BWV 1052 Polina Osetinskaya Anton Gakkel